MicroStrategy, a provider of business intelligence software, has announced that in a comprehensive survey of companies using business intelligence (BI) software products, those using MicroStrategy are the most loyal and satisfied.

MicroStrategy received an overall customer loyalty score of 83,3% and was the highest ranked business intelligence software product reviewed.

The OLAP Surveys, conducted annually by industry analyst Nigel Pendse and Survey.com, are the most comprehensive independent surveys of the BI market space and products. This year’s survey, The OLAP Survey 6, compiled the real-world BI experiences of 1 679 organizations across 87 countries.

According to The OLAP Survey 6, customer loyalty is an indication of how satisfied a customer is with a vendor’s products and services and is a crucial factor in vendor success.

A loyal customer is defined as one that continues to use existing applications; purchases additional software to deploy existing applications more widely; uses the product in preference to others when implementing new applications; and favors the product if there is ever a demand to reduce the number of BI suppliers.

“The fact that MicroStrategy was rated number one in customer loyalty for the third year in a row is a remarkable achievement,” says Nigel Pendse, author of The OLAP Survey 6.

“The results confirm that well-known vendors, who have pursued a growth strategy based on acquisitions aimed at covering the entire BI spectrum, have poor customer loyalty. In contrast, MicroStrategy, which has concentrated on a single product architecture and has grown organically, came out on top yet again. The fact that no other product has achieved such consistency suggests that many of MicroStrategy’s customers are fiercely loyal and see no alternative to the product.”

To view a summary of The OLAP Survey 6 results, go to:  http://www.microstrategy.com/OLAPSurvey6