South Africa¹s petrol-heads and car buffs flocked to the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg for MPH '07, a glorious wallow in all things automotive from 8-11 February, hosted by celebrity motoring pundit Jeremy Clarkson of BBC Top Gear fame.

BP was the lead sponsor with its new BP Ultimate high-performance fuels, and needed to do something really exceptional to make its mark in the midst of so much supercharged motoring mayhem.
BP commissioned Brandscape Proximity Marketing to build a promotional campaign around interactive mobile phone content that would live with the public for weeks or months after the event.
"We needed to make an impact on a large group of affluent, techno-savvy and media-aware people visiting a show that would bombard them with sound, light
and all the fury of a redlined supercar," explains Rui Jardim, brand manager at BP Africa. "Working with our retained advertising agency, Ogilvy, we appointed Brandscape Proximity Marketing to come up with a campaign for us that would not only cut through the noise, but live with the visitors to the show long enough to impact their buying decisions when they next needed to refuel."
BP wanted to showcase BP Ultimate, the new high-performance fuels range available now at fuel-pumps in South Africa, as well as to launch the new 2007 VW rally car sponsorship. The brief was for Brandscape Proximity Marketing to come up with a concept mechanism that would drive awareness and activation of the BP Ultimate brand and reinforce company's commitment to motorsport sponsorship.
Brandscape created compelling digital content and an "instant win" promotion that was delivered to visitors¹ mobile handsets, downloaded using Hypertag proprietary wireless technology. BP Ultimate promoters wearing Hypertags (lightweight devices that allow direct interaction with mobile phones using Bluetooth or infrared) circulated at the event, encouraging people to interact and download rich media content to their cell phones.
They were briefed on the benefits that BP Ultimate brings to motorists, and that it is now available at BP service stations in South Africa. People were offered the opportunity to win instant prizes on the spot, as well as a chance to experience the "Ultimate Ride" with free content downloads. The 12 promoters worked in pairs, one to deliver the download and the other to handle the prizes.
The downloadable content has an animated rev counter, the higher the revs, the bigger the prize ­ at 3000rpm participants would receive keyrings and keyring openers, at 5000rpm it was lanyards, caps or soccer balls, and at 7000rpm they¹d win cooler bags or t-shirts.
Brandscape promoters encouraged consumers to attend the BP Ultimate stand where they could enter another competition to win a radio controlled rally car. Non-winners still received an animated or still image of the BP Ultimate VW rally car or the "Revving Engine" ringtone.
"³The main objective for BP at this event was to build awareness of the BP Ultimate brand and create excitement around it," says Gordon Parkin, MD of Brandscape Marketing. "It was important for BP to be seen to be innovative in its marketing and a user of advanced technology at an event like MPH, where standing out from the crowd was a real challenge."
The promotional mechanics were designed to be simple and effective to deliver the brand benefits and make a memorable experience. The audiovisual and graphic content was developed by Brandscape specifically for this campaign.
"The uniqueness of the activation is key to the BP brand's aim of touching the public with a lasting audiovisual experience that will stay on the mobile phone long after the MPH 07 event is over,' says Parkin. "The content also offers a significant viral effect for BP brand communication as people forward the images and ringtones to their friends."