Xtel, the scalable telephone management system powered by Multimatics, now features managed call barring for the ISDX range of PABXs.

Call barring allows companies to allocate telephone budgets to their employees and to restrict telephone calls to a certain class of numbers once that budget has been exceeded. Multimatics can now offer an outsourced, inhouse solution or add-on which can change the class of service on any extension if the user exceeds budget.
Xtel’s call barring system empowers large corporate and government departments by giving them the tools to ensure that monthly telephony budgets are not exceeded.
Budgets can be set for all calls, or only personal calls. As soon as the predicted private call totals are exceeded the extension can be totally barred from making calls, or it can be barred from making cellular and international calls.
“The beauty of this solution is that it is tailor made to suit the needs of the client and the class of service can easily be managed from person to person. This means companies can have greater control over unnecessary telecoms costs”, comments Steve Brown, MD of Multimatics.
After a six-month pilot period, the call barring system is now ready for mass rollout.