Mastercard and Visa have both launched security features that in effect give their credit card customers a totally secure transactional interface which includes high-tech PIN technology unlike any previously available.

This has opened the doors for many online businesses to provide products and services to South African consumers in a secure online environment.
Now, one of SA's leading online cellphone credit companies is benefiting from this worldwide shopping mall innovation.
"With the advent of both 'Verified by Visa' and 'MasterCard Secure Code', Bigtime Airtime is the first cellphone credit company that is able to offer online credit, across the networks in this proven and guaranteed safe environment" says Bigtime Airtime CEO, William Mellor.
Customers have immediately responded to the increased security, with sales numbers growing unabated.
"A 'no-fear' Internet experience that enables you to purchase cellphone credit was up till now, nothing short of a pipe-dream. The Visa and Mastercard research and development in the online security arena have enabled progressive companies like ours to grow enormously in a very short amount of time," Mellor adds.
"The added benefits of being able to purchase your cellphone credit online are obvious. You can top up the kids cellphone and yours from the comfort of your office or home. If one of your children is out and runs out of credit, nothing could be simpler than going to and immediately topping up," he adds.