Sophos has announced the availability of Sophos Mobile Security to protect organisations against the growing number of malware attacks aimed at Windows Mobile. Sophos Mobile Security provides real-time protection for Windows Mobile 5.0 based devices against mobile viruses and spyware threats, and enables IT administrators to implement and lock down security policies for PDAs and cellphones.

The mobile malware threat has been growing steadily over the last few years and more businesses are now looking to secure confidential data against potential attacks at all endpoints. In a recent Sophos web poll, 81% of business IT administrators expressed concern that malware and spyware targeting mobile devices will become a significant threat in the future. However, 64% also said they currently have no solution in place to secure company smartphones and PDAs.

Sophos Mobile Security protects devices against malware infection via MMS, SMS, e-mail, instant messaging, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensuring business communications are kept secure.  Easy to install and configure, it offers on-access, on-demand or scheduled scanning and detects and quarantines any mobile viruses or spyware with minimal impact on device performance.  Central policies can be created and deployed to ensure consistent company-wide security.

Sophos Mobile Security is bolstered by Sophos Behavioural Genotype Protection technology, which proactively blocks new and unknown mobile threats before they execute.  Network administrators are alerted with real-time notification of malware incidents, ensuring threat activity is monitored and neutralised, reducing the impact on employee productivity.

"The use of smartphones and PDAs is on the rise, allowing employees to access the Internet from virtually anywhere. If unprotected, these devices can give hackers a route into a seemingly well-defended network," says Brett Myroff, CEO of master Sophos distributor, NetXactics.

Although the number of mobile threats is small compared to more commonly encountered Windows-specific malware, administrators are looking to defend all the points of entry into their organisation."

Sophos Mobile Security supports Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition.  This version will also protect devices using Windows Mobile 6.0 which Microsoft plans to launch later in 2007.