Users have come out in favour of the collaboration agreement between Microsoft and Novell. 

This is the finding of a survey commissioned by the two companies amoung technology decision-makers.
According to Sally Berimbau, Novell brand manager at Workgroup, the agreement was designed to improve interoperability between Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise – and nearly all respondents agree with the motivation.
Berimbau adds that having products that work well together, and having the tools that make it easier to manage mixed Windows and Linux environments, were a common requirement among respondents.
"In November 2006, Novell and Microsoft announced a collaboration in which the companies agreed to jointly build, market and support a series of new solutions to improve interoperability, deliver new virtualisation capabilities, make Microsoft and Novell products work better together, and provide customers with patent coverage for their respective products," says Berimbau.
Penn. Schoen & Berland conducted 201 interviews with IT executives, managers or staff whose primary job is in a formalised IT department, or who perform IT functions in a non-IT department but who have significant technology purchasing authority.
Organisations surveyed had to have at least 500 PCs to participate and the survey did not intentionally target, but did break out, results for respondents whose companies deploy both Microsoft Windows and SUSE Linux from Novell as well as Red Hat Linux.
Among the key findings were these:
* 95% approve of the collaboration between Microsoft and Novell;
* 87% say that customers benefit if Linux distributors and Microsoft worked more closely with one another;
* 67% say they're more likely to consider deploying SUSE Linux from Novell;
* 97% say they wanted platform providers to improve interoperability of their systems;
* 89% want technology companies to take responsibility for the intellectual property in the products they ship.