Software developer TimBukOne has released a pioneering new product, the fully automated CV Manager and Administrator, designed for recruitment agencies and human resource departments across all industries.

When an applicant faxes or e-mails his CV, the CV Manager converts and ‘reads’ the documents regardless of the original format or file extension (PDF, DOC, TXT, RTF etc.) submitted. The CV, in its original format (from cover to cover) is sorted, indexed and filed. The user is now able to build an entire library of CVs in an electronic format which is fully searchable, indexed and structured according to the user’s pre-determined criteria.

The applicant is not required to re-capture his CV in an arbitrary format and the recruitment agency or HR department can see the CV exactly as it was designed and submitted by the prospect. This process eliminates human intervention altogether, taking the standard complications of administration out of the equation.

The only requirement on the user’s behalf is access to the Web via a standard web browser. All the data is accessed and stored on secure servers hosted by an international hosting co-location facility in a fully managed, redundant and fault-tolerant environment. Since the hosting firm is connected to a super-fast network, users don’t need to have a huge bandwidth in order to access all the information.

The CV Manager has the ability to create a “watch list” of search words and phrases, alerting users whenever a new CV that matches those conditions is received. Another valuable feature of the CV Manager is the automated response.

As applicants send in their CVs, the CV Manager generates a reply to all applicants informing them that their documents have been received, adding further efficiency to the design. This automated response spares applicants the frustration of not knowing whether their CVs have been received, allowing them to concentrate on further applications.

Alex D’Aloisio, marketing director of TimBukOne, comments: “The CV Manager and Administrator significantly reduces costs due to far less need for human resources, advertising spend, CV hardcopies and filing. The human hand contributes heavily toward inefficiency, error and wasted time.

“Furthermore, the CV administration system builds a library of submitted CVs which the recruitment agency or HR department can reference and search whenever new job openings occur. These “CV libraries” are private and separate for each recruitment agency or HR department.

“Since the CVs are filed according to specified criteria, the user can search through the entire database for keywords and phrases using the multiple search function and syntax. Users can also search according to category, such as Employment Equity, Location, Industry Sector, Minimum Qualification and so forth. This CV Manager is arguably the most uncomplicated programme in this field. We are also prepared to work with clients to customise the applications to suit their requirements.”