Cisco is helping MTN to deliver advanced multimedia mobile services, such as mobile TV, to its South African subscribers. 

The two organisations are working together to deliver voice, data and video services to its mobile subscribers over a single IP Next Generation network. This helps reduce network complexity and management costs.
“Launching a comprehensive content platform is critical for our operations in Africa and the Middle East," says Karel Pienaar, chief technology information officer at the MTN Group. "With the ability to deliver voice, video and data to our customers over a single network we are really helping customers leapfrog the digital divide where they will not need a laptop to connect to the internet – they can get it all on the mobile device."
MTN is to provide its users with a suite of data, voice and video services over a highly-available and scalable IP Next-Generation Network.
The core of this network is based on the Cisco CRS-1 routing system, which helps MTN to eliminate the complexity and costs associated with managing numerous disparate networks running separate services and will maintain the highest level of network availability.
The Cisco CRS-1 will also help MTN to evolve its network to deliver the next generation of mobile IP services, such as mobile TV.
Many countries in the emerging markets are undergoing a transition from slow growth and limited connectivity to hyper-growth. In some instances this results in leapfrogging legacy technology and surpassing the infrastructure in more developed countries.
“Today, customers want a significant amount of data services available to them via their mobile phones. Traditionally, we had a number of complex disparate networks delivering services to our customers, which were extremely expensive to manage,” Pienaar adds.