Oracle SA will be embarking on a countrywide road show focused on the human capital management (HCM) and talent management components of human resource (HR) management in mid-March, bringing valuable mindshare to topics it believes have been somewhat neglected up until now.

The event will make stops in all of the country’s major business centres and promise to deliver insights from some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders in the HCM and HR space into the laps of both current and potential Oracle customers.
Attie Taljaard, senior sales consulting director at Oracle SA, says that the event should be considered as an unmissable opportunity by all SMBs, since his company has pulled out all the stops to ensure the most sought after experts within Oracle, as well as local customers with extensive experience of this sector will be presenting their views.
Included in the line-up are Stewart Monk, Oracle’s Human Capital Management Business Unit head for Middle East and Africa, as well as representatives from SITA and Old Mutual – bringing both public and private sector views to the table.
Numerous other thought leaders in the HR and HCM spaces are slated to attend in addition to Monk and these prominent two customers.
Taljaard says the HCM and talent management topics are particularly pertinent at present, since there’s a looming talent crisis worldwide.
“Worldwide, the veteran managers and skilled workers from the ‘baby-boom’ era are gearing up for retirement. And even though sufficient resource exists to replace that workforce, the replacement resource base isn’t highly-skilled enough.”
He adds that, apart from this problem’s prevalence in South Africa, the country has been saddled with an additional challenge in the ‘talent drain’ it has experienced over the past decade.
“We have a massive skills gap to bridge and only through sound talent management and retention policies can we ensure those skills remain in South Africa. The keynotes will not only aim to impart sound advice for companies dealing with these challenges but give first hand experience of how these issues can be safely addressed,” he adds.
Apart from Oracle’s own experiences and its clients’ experiences, the event will also shed light on the company’s roadmap for the coming years. “Customers and partners will have the opportunity to ask relevant questions on the upcoming solutions and have the opportunity to view them first hand,” he says.