Hewlett-Packard has spun out two new regions from International Sales Europe (ISE) – Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and Middle East, Mediterranean, Africa (MEMA) – to better focus on emerging growth markets. 

South Africa, which used to fall directly under ISE, will now become part of the MEMA territories. The new regions become official at the start of HP's third quarter in May.
Thierry Boulanger, manager, Solutions Partner Organisation at HP SA, says the intention to split the region was first mooted last year and that this week's announcement is simply the formalisation of this.
Despite a slowdown in more established markets, emerging markets such as Eastern Europe and South Africa have consistently shown double-digit growth over the past couple of years. This is the main reason for the establishment of the new regions.
"These territories have been viewed as the growth engines of EMEA and the management team in Europe decided to place greater emphasis on them," says Boulanger. "Therefore, two new leadership teams have been formed, and two new regions.
"The main aim is to increase our focus on growth regions," he adds. "ISE had become too big [to provide this focus], hence the split."
Boulanger says South Africa will benefit greatly as part of MEMA.
"It's good for us," he says. "We're very pleased because it means even more focus, more management, more visibility and, hopefully, more resources."
Some of the leadership team announcements that have been made include the move of Jos Brenkel to VP and GM, PSG at MEMA; Antoine Maury assumes the same position at CEE; Ken Willett will head up TSG MEMA; and Herbert Koeck remains the head of IPG MEMA.