SAS South Africa has reported its third consecutive year of record revenue in the region and has been ranked by IDC as the country's leading business intelligence (BI) vendor with 21.5% market share. 

“Our success is a direct result of a number of multi-million dollar deals we have managed to clinch over the aforementioned three year period," says Bill Hoggarth, MD of SAS SA. "This achievement has helped the South African office to become the fastest growing SAS subsidiary in the world, beating both established and developing regions.
"The number of R10-million plus deals that our customers are entrusting us with is clear proof that BI is no longer a departmental, IT or tactical engagement, but rather an enterprise wide consideration of great value."
Dan Vesset, research director, business analytics at IDC, says: "Given SAS's latest financial performance announcement, it is clear that the shift toward packaged analytic applications has benefited the company faster than we expected.
"Over recent years, SAS has transformed itself from a company known primarily for its advanced analytics tools to a provider of a broad portfolio of packaged analytic applications that incorporate the company's advanced analytics, query and reporting and data management expertise, as well as industry and process-specific content."
Hoggarth adds that a recent IDC report on Emerging Markets, where SAS clinched the top market share spot as the vendor which holds more than 21.5% of the South African BI industry, is testimony to its success in the region.