Panda Software has launched a new version of Panda MobileSecurity, a solution for protecting smartphones based on Symbian Series 60.

This new tool offers real-time protection for these devices against viruses, Trojans, worms and others, scanning the internal memory, memory cards or the complete system. The final release version will include automatic updates and a complete support service, including the SOS-Virus service for analyzing suspect files.

“Threats to cell phones have gone from being theoretic possibilities to an emerging reality,” says Jeremy Matthews, MD of Panda Software SA. “The ability of malware families such as Cabir or Commwarrior to render cell phones unusable has made protection systems essential.

The beta version of Panda MobileSecurity runs without interfering with the use of the phone, scanning all inbound items such as messages, files and vCards through whatever channel – whether it arrives by email, MMS, infrared or Bluetooth.

This protection is transparent to users and can also be customised through a range of protection settings, available on an easy-to-use interface.