This is according to Annex Distribution, local distributor of AMD solutions, which is working closely with its international technology vendor partner to communicate the commercial, consumer and dealer benefits associated with a multi-core environment.

This awareness and support campaign is structured around the difference multi-core technology makes to the core operational capability within infrastructure.
Annex points out the advantages such as higher performance per watt without an increase on power consumption or the need for more physical space, as well as direct connect architecture.
AMD has positioned these benefits at the forefront of its architectural offering and has done so through AMD 64-bit technology.
As a distribution partner Annex has in stock the latest in AMD solutions. The company emphasises the fact that managers can use the technology to enhance existing infrastructure with new system layers, and do so with minimal disruption.
Other technical advantages include improved manageability, higher processing speed and lower total cost of ownership. This is because more processing capacity can be channeled into fewer servers.
Aside from the focus on commercial advantages relevant to this technology, Annex has also picked up on the consumer benefits of multi-tasking capability offered by current AMD solutions. This includes AMD AthlonT 64x 2 Dual-Core processors and AMD TurionT 64×2 Dual-Core mobile technology.
“There is a strong demand from the market for processing technology that can manage the pressure and volume that underpins the modern workplace,” explains Ravi Perumal, assistant general manager at Annex Distribution.
“The move towards multi-core technology has been relatively straightforward, and users now have their sites set on quad core, which is already making a significant difference to the digital communication capability of companies.
“If one considers the growth of the multi-media application space and the level of functionality that is on offer, there is definitely scope for the integration of this technology. The ability to run several applications, from e-mail right through to gaming, at the same time and with no diruption or affect on the system is what we are promoting,” he adds.