A new wave of hacks against US governement systems have all originated from China. In fact, according to a US Navy official, they could even be backed by the government. 

The Naval Network Warfare Command official told Federal Computer Week, on condition of anonymity, that Chinese attacks far outnumber those from any other nation in frequency and sophistication. The attacks are so deliberate, he says, "it's hard to believe it's not government-driven".
The report is just the latest in a series of attacks on government systems that have originated in China. In the UK, a 2005 attack saw messages exploiting an unpatched Windows WMF flaw sent to 70 recipients in parliament and other parts of the government. The attacks were later traced back to China.
China is the largest single source malicious software designed to covertly infiltrate systems – according to Sophos, 30% of such malware originates in China.