Syncro, the brainchild of Branded Internet, is an ADSL and dialup self-provisioning and diagnostics software tool that allows users to utilise self provision ADSL broadband, while also providing self-healing diagnostics and desktop support for common ISP problems.

Syncro is a South African first for the ISP industry. Developed entirely in-house, Syncro provides ISP customers with an ADSL registration, connection management and diagnostic software solution which is effective in lowering support requirements – often by as much as 90%. In addition, Syncro increases service levels and greatly enhancing a user's Internet experience.

Until now, signing up and setting up an ADSL account has been a lengthy and highly technical task for Internet users. This process often involved several phone calls, faxes and additional support calls to an ISP’s help desk.

In addition, users were charged a setup fee by Telkom to install an ADSL line, with this premium going toward paying for an onsite visit from a technician to configure the user’s ADSL router or modem. Syncro, as a true ADSL self-provisioning tool, has removed the need for all of this.

Syncro has support for Ethernet, USB and WiFi devices and further caters for both ADSL and dialup user account self-provisioning. The entire setup process is a very simple one. Syncro configures the subscriber’s ADSL router with a registration account and then connects the user to the customer signup. Once the signup process has been completed, the ADSL account and email settings are sent back to Syncro.

Once Syncro has received this information, it configures the user’s router with these settings and sets up their email programme and browser – all with the correct usernames and passwords.

“Our users no longer have to get a technician to talk them through configuring their ADSL router. This can often be a technically intimidating process for the user,” says Lance Terner, CEO of Branded Internet.

All users have to do when applying for an ADSL line is to specify that want to self provision. This is where the line is switched on at the exchange and no onsite visit is carried out. “In actual fact, self provisioning is the key to the software,” says Terner. “What used to be a laborious exercise to convert a line now takes minutes, and at a fraction of the price. Moreover, users don’t need to have technical skills to perform the installation.”

There are a number of benefits for users: there are no costs involved; clients’ use Syncro because its automatic diagnostics are extremely effective, reducing the need for technical support; it is small enough to email so users don’t have to wait for a CD; and as Syncro handles subscriber registration, setup is quick and straightforward.

“This software package is designed to take care of the majority of issues faced by traditional ISPs as well as to automate the majority of necessary service delivery requirements throughout a subscriber’s lifecycle. From signup to activation, service usage and ongoing subscriber administration, our critical software reduces costs and ensures continual high service levels”, says Terner.