Symantec has unveiled Veritas Backup Reporter 6.0, an enterprise backup reporting tool that provides IT administrators with comprehensive visibility into backup and recovery operations.

Backup Reporter enables IT administrators to enhance backup and recovery operations, verify backup service level compliance, and run backup as a shared IT service.  These capabilities are a valuable asset for managed service providers or organisations that need to analyse and justify backup expenditures.

Backup Reporter enables comprehensive data management, backup consolidation, and reporting of heterogeneous environments which support Symantec’s Veritas NetBackup™ and Backup Exec™ products, in addition to third-party backup solutions.

“Exploding data volumes and heterogeneous environments make it difficult for IT administrators to gain essential visibility to accurately report on backup and recovery,” says Sheldon Hand, storage specialist at Symantec Africa.

“Backup Reporter’s centralised reporting view of single or multiple backup applications help customers to optimise their environment by aggregating historical data to better forecast trends and help justify the need for critical capital expenditures such as tape drives or additional backup servers and backup media.”

Backup Reporter flexibly adapts backup and recovery operations to the needs of the business. To address the variety of key stakeholders within an organisation, from CIO to backup administrator, Backup Reporter allows users to customise the definition of backup success based on the audience need.

urthermore, IT administrators can be proactive in assessing backup operations as all views are hierarchical with drill-down capabilities. To jumpstart the reporting process, IT administrators can select any of the hundreds of out-of-the-box reports available, or can use the report wizard to create a customised report.

IT administrators are forced to comply with not only internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs), but also, with external government regulations. Backup Reporter puts backup administrators in the driver’s seat and allows them to be proactive about managing compliance with governing policies. It provides them with the ability to “prove” that critical data is backed up and business-critical clients and applications are recoverable within their established corporate or industry backup and retention policies.

Backup Reporter also eliminates the time consuming manual process of creating ad-hoc reporting spreadsheets.  Reports can be scheduled and distributed via email, thereby automating a process that can otherwise be prone to error.

Backup operations typically operate as a cost center and are separate from the rest of the organisation without means to relate the actual costs of running backup and recovery operations to executive management.  Backup Reporter transforms this process by providing a mechanism for IT administrators to achieve cost analysis, departmental visibility, and chargeback.

Values for backup and recovery operations can be formulated, assigned, and appropriated to specific business units or customers. This helps IT administrators to proactively show what backup resources are being consumed and assigns a value to backup operations based on the requirements of the business.

Reports can be filtered by custom parameters that can be designated to meet the company’s needs. For example, backup utilisation can be presented in a variety of parameters such as geography, application, business unit, platform, location, and service tier.

The ability of Backup Reporter to run backup and recovery operations as a business also make this product ideal for managed service providers as it easily identifies resource consumption across diverse customer environments and provides usage data which can be directly used for customer billing.