Bank Windhoek, a leading African retail bank, has chosen Embarcadero Technologies' Rapid SQL and DBArtisan solution for efficient, cross-platform database  development and maintenance throughout its head office in Namibia.

The solution was implemented by Sybase SA, Embarcadero's local partner and distributor in the African territory.
Bank Windhoek is one of Namibia's largest chains of retail banks, with over 30 branches across the country.  The bank handles multitudes of data in day-to-day activities like calculating exchange rates, evaluating loan qualifications, issuing credit cards, and revising interest rates.
With a variety of databases being used such as Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server, Bank Windhoek installed Rapid SQL and DBArtisan to work across a variety  of platforms so developers can easily design and deploy the bank's various applications to ensure data was being delivered effectively.
Embarcadero Rapid SQL provides an integrated development environment that enables developers at Bank Windhoek to create, edit and deploy server-side objects residing in all major database platforms.  Its key benefits include graphical facilities that simplify SQL scripting, object management, reverse-engineering, database project management, version control, and schema deployment-providing developers with time-saving tools to achieve better productivity.
"With the guidance of Sybase SA, we installed Rapid SQL and were fully up to speed with all its functions within a week.  We are very happy with the boost in productivity, and the tests have shown greater accuracy and quality in our coding, regardless of the type of database used," says Kobus Hough, head of systems administration at Bank Windhoek.
"Rapid SQL makes it easier for us to develop and deploy code quickly; making our applications run more efficiently so users can take full advantage of the  database and provide accurate information to our customers.  We now have greater visibility to see when there will be performance issues and can also use Rapid SQL for database maintenance to detect issues before they become problems."
Jaywant Rao, vice-president at Embarcadero Technologies said: "Rapid SQL is ideal for businesses like large banks, where employees are constantly updating, storing and accessing customer and business data.  Database programmers need an environment that allows them to produce code quickly so that users can easily  retrieve and mange information from client/server and web-based applications."