Infrastructure is vital to the growth of South Africa, and yesterday's budget included some provision for increased ICT infrastructure development. 

Finance Minister Trevor Manuel points to the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative (Asgsa), which is clear on where more work needs to be done to raise the country's trend growth.
Among these areas are the export of goods and services, increased productivity, increased public sector performance, less bureaucratic red tape, and better infrastructure.
"We will grow faster when infrastructure capacity is enhanced, especially in relation to telecommunications, rail, roads, ports, electricity and water," says Manuel.
The two state-owned enterprises, Infraco and Sentech, are set to receive some money, although it's not yet clear how much or when it will occur.
According to Manual, the budget framework includes a contingency reserve of R3-billion for next year and is earmarked for unforeseeable and unavoidable expenditure as well as allocations to several state-owned enterprises that are not yet finalised.
Since the state is committed to financing 51% of the the capital requirements of the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor project over the next three years, to an amount of R6-billion, and needs to settle the land claim and other obligations relating to Alexkor mine, the amount left over for broadband infrastructure is open to interpretation.
"This will also include further equity contributions for the InfraCo telecommunications initiative and Sentech’s investment requirements, contingent of course on the approval of business plans and resolution of outstanding regulatory requirements," Manuel says.
He adds the research and development capacity has been strengthened in the past five years through targeted investments to science councils and universities.
"This year, we are setting aside a further R1,2-billion for science and technology of which R500-million is for government’s contribution to the Square Kilometre Array, contingent on the success of our bid.
"The South African Research Network, a joint project of the Departments of Public Enterprises and Science and Technology aimed at providing low-cost broadband links for the local academic community receives R95-million and R60-million is allocated to set up science research chairs at our major universities."