Plextor, the personal storage and high reliability optical drive manufacturer, today announces the first DVD-RW drive from its new PX-800 series: the ATAPI/IDE PX-800A.

At 18x it is still one of the fastest drives in the world – Plextor was the first to launch 18x products with the PX-760 series.

It also incorporates multi-format (DVD+/-R & DVD-RAM) technology to satisfy the demand for high end drives from enthusiast/professional users. In fact, it is Plextor's first drive capable of 12x DVD-RAM.

This high reliability drive will be priced cost-effectively. The drive is in line with Plextor's high quality product requirements, and supports burning quality technologies like Buffer Underrun proof technology, which prevents buffer underrun errors.

In addition, the drive comes with a software package which suits all user requirements. It includes Nero 7 Essentials OEM suite (including Nero Express 7), and Plextools Professional LE which offers more features and options for advanced users.

The PX-800A is fully tested and certified for use with Microsoft's Windows Vista to ensure a superior end-user experience.

The PX-800A, which can burn a single layer disc in just 5,5 minutes is capable of the following DVD speeds: 18x DVD+/-R; 8x DVD+/-R DL; 8x DVD+RW; 6x DVD-RW; and for the first time, 12x DVD-RAM.

Plextor products are available from Intellistor (