Pinnacle Micro has announced the soon-to-be-available Tandberg Data's cartridge-based removable disk storage device – The RDX QuickStor.

JP Fourie, product manager: Pinnacle Storage says the RDX QuickStor combines the portability and archival capabilities of tape with the performance, reliability and instant access of hard disk.

"Aimed at small and mid-sized businesses and professional power users, the RDX QuickStor combines all the advantages of tape with the benefits offered by hard disk, and offers customers a quantum leap to faster backup and accessibility," he says.

"Using RDX QuickStor, organisations that currently rely on tape to protect, archive and interchange their data, will benefit from enhanced performance, instant random access, high reliability and, most importantly for small businesses, a lower cost than competing low-end tape solutions.

"Those using fixed disk drives for backup will be able to take advantage of the transportability and unlimited capacity that only removable media can offer."

The QuickStor is designed to replace current low-end tape technology such as Travan, DATA and AIT, where ease of use and cost are prioritised. The device delivers all the benefits of tape and disk without the risks inherent in either technology.

Like tape, RDX QuickStor cartridges are removable and portable for off-site storage, disaster recovery and archival applications. They can be safely archived for more than a decade and it is an inexpensive backup and recovery solution.

"Unlike other low-end tape media that may need to be replaced after 50 – 100 uses, RDX QuickStor media has been built to endure over 10 years of average use," says Fourie.

Consisting of either a 3.5-inch or 5.25-inch internal drive by connecting to the host either via S-ATA or an external drive bay via USB, the RDX QuickStor has been designed for high reliability. The cartridge houses a high capacity mobile 2.5-inch hard disk drive in a reinforced, shockproof design to protect the hard disk drive even when it is outside the drive case.

The native 30Mbps transfer rate reduces the traditional backup window from hours to minutes and it takes the system less than an hour to backup 80Gb of data and milliseconds to access the files.

RDX QuickStor initial cartridges range in capacity from 40Gb, 80Gb and 120Gb, says Fourie. "They are fully forward and backward compatible without limitation, meaning that future cartridges with ever-increasing capacities and faster data rates will work in legacy systems."