A provider of PPO (Project Portfolio Office), Post Vision Technology, has announced a distribution partnership with software infrastructure supplier, Sybase SA.

PPO is a web-based, enterprise capable application designed, developed and supported in South Africa to assist organisations to manage projects and project portfolios in various industries.

According to Sybase CEO Alan Cowley, the relationship began with Post Vision’s use of Sybase technology in the development of PPO. “From Sybase’s perspective, this was exciting in itself as our infrastructure has been used to formulate a specific delivery solution to be taken to market,” explains Cowley.

“Sybase also invests heavily in its partnerships – if we see a worthy business application, we want to be instrumental in bringing it into the marketplace. By taking the next step and setting up a distribution agreement with Post Vision, we can leverage our existing channel setup to help make the PPO solution available to local businesses.”

Cowley maintains that with investment in a local solution, a judgement call has to be made. “Sybase has developed an ‘acid test’ to ascertain the viability and sustainability of products within the local marketplace. Not only does the product need to meet certain requirements, but you need the right company and people behind it for success. We believe that this is the case with Post Vision.

“The introduction of PPO addresses a sizeable gap in the market,” he continues. “Post Vision has proven that South Africa has the ability to be a player within the local software development market. As a locally developed product, the benefits for our customers are numerous. With local expertise at hand, any requirements can be dealt with quickly and flexibly and in a less costly manner.”

Guy Jelley, CEO of Post Vision Technology says that the agreement with Sybase is beneficial to Post Vision as it enables the company to focus on product development rather than distribution.

“PPO currently has a competitive edge, so it is key that we concentrate on our solution to maintain this, while the distribution side is managed by a trusted partner. In addition to this, Sybase can also provide PPO clients with broader offerings, such as Business Intelligence (BI), information management tools and mobile solutions.

“We also believe that from a long term perspective, Sybase SA’s international ties will allow us to take PPO beyond South African shores,” Jelley concludes.