What makes Quantum different from the other storage vendors out there? One answer is the passion that the company for designing products that will protect data now, plus the security they build into said products to protect data for years to come.  – Helen Virmij, Quantum product manager at CSSI, discusses.

An interesting statement, but let’s look at the facts: selected Quantum tape drives have built-in security for your cartridges. But there's more …

Two of the biggest IT challenges facing organisations large and small are backup manageability and data security. As backup environments become more complex the need for enhanced manageability tools continues to grow. At the same time, new regulations are forcing organisations to reevaluate how they protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive backup data.

DLTSage meets these twin challenges with a suite of intelligent data protection tools that enables you to more effectively manage and protect your tape storage environment.

DLTSage delivers a set of proactive management tools that reduces time spent managing backups and improves the reliability of the backup process. State of the art monitoring, diagnostics and reporting tools collect data from the tape drive and media and convert it to actionable information that provides you with improved visibility into your backup environment.

• DLTSage Monitoring proactively monitors drive and media health by continuously tracking dozens of critical tape drive and media performance parameters. If a critical operating parameter exceeds its predetermined threshold DLTSage automatically notifies you, allowing you to take corrective action.

• DLTSage Diagnostics is a tool box of drive and media diagnostic tests for reduced troubleshooting time and faster problem resolution. In the event of a backup failure DLTSage can tell you what happened and why, answering questions such as: Where is the problem? Is it with the drive or media? Does the tape drive need to be returned for service? Has the media reached end-of-life?

• DLTSage Reporting is a comprehensive set of drive and media statistics that facilitates preventative maintenance planning. With up-to-the-minute statistics on drive and media usage you can avoid unplanned downtime and proactively plan maintenance such as head cleaning or media retirement.

A series of new regulations and a spate of high profile backup tape losses are causing organisations to reevaluate how they secure their backup data. Yet until recently, the choice of available tools has been relatively limited. With DLTSage Tape Security, you can now simply and cost effectively ensure that data backed up and transported offsite for storage is secure. By writing an encoded key to the header of the tape

cartridge, and requiring a matching key to read or write data, DLTSage Tape Security controls access to data on the cartridge. Without the correct key access to the cartridge is denied, thus protecting data should the cartridge be lost or stolen. Available as standard on Quantum’s latest DLT-S4 and DLT-V4 tape drives, this approach is both cost-effective and easy to manage, and offers protection for classes of data that do not require full encryption.