Forrester Research has named Tibco Software a leader in its recent evaluation of integration-centric business process management suites (IC-BPMS) vendors, The  Forrester WAVE: Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suites, Q4 2006 (December 2006).

Forrester evaluated leading IC-BPMS vendors across 85 criteria, placing Tibco in the established leadership category based on strengths in all three core areas of evaluation: connection, business process management (BPM), and service-oriented architecture (SOA).
In The Forrester WAVE report, TIBCO was described as having the most advanced BPM features overall, spanning both integration-centric and human-centric features due to the company's aggressive strategy to sustain competitive advantage by adding leading-edge features, whether via internal development or strategic acquisition.
Tibco was also cited as a "good fit" for buyers seeking to implement SOA and BPM at the same time, because the underlying architecture of Tibco BusinessWorks is based on SOA, enabling organizations to pursue both objectives simultaneously.
"Tibco Software is a perennial top performer in the integration space, and our review of its capabilities in the IC-BPMS market is no exception," wrote Ken Vollmer and Henry Peyret in the Forrester Wave Vendor Summary, Q4 2006.
"Tibco has comprehensive products that span the full range of BPM, SOA, and B2B integration, making it a wise choice for a broad range of organisational
requirements in these areas. Further, TIBCO is not resting on its laurels and has significant enhancements planned for future releases."
Tibco was also acknowledged as one of a small number of vendors offering both IC-BPMS and human-centric business process management suites (HC-BPMS) in the market. According to Forrester, IC-BPMS products represent approximately half of the total BPM software market, with the other half coming from the smaller, but more numerous HC-BPMS vendors.