Esquire Technologies has introduced the BenQ FP222W LCD monitor with the fastest response time among 22-inch wide screen LCD monitors on the market today.

The BenQ LCD monitor’s five-second response time means that fast action scenes and PC gaming are rendered with clearer and sharper images with no lagging or blurring.

The Senseye Technology enhances picture quality and processing of higher definition visuals through three advanced image processing units of colour management, contrast and sharpness enhancement.

The BenQ FP222 W widescreen has a 1680 x 1050 resolution that delivers a crisp and clear image in widescreen format and ensures no image distortion or image loss. This format also allows users to view two applications at the same time enhancing productivity in the work space or enriching entertainment experiences.

Shumon Rahman, Esquire’s product manager for BenQ, comments: “The HDMI and Senseye® features in the FP222 W LCD Monitor reiterates BenQ ‘s technological strength and their commitment to bring innovative and premium quality products to market.”