BMC Software has appointed HR Computek as a channel partner.

Since 1999, HR Computek, a 100% black-owned company, has provided end-to-end IT services to the public sector, with a specific focus on intelligent infrastructure service management solutions.

According to Alan Donly, marketing executive of HR Computek, the company’s strategic partnership with BMC Software “allows us to more dynamically ensure our clients’ IT infrastructure is aligned with industry best practices and standards such as the de facto ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and CobiT standards.  IT environments are so much more dynamic nowadays – we want to ensure we are at the forefront of that trend.

“BMC Software’s solutions tie in well with our other products and service offerings, and will enhance our ability to provide the world-class infrastructure and business service management solutions our clients have come to expect,” says Donly. “Historically, our market focus has been national government departments, but we are now successfully serving clients in provincial and local governments as well.  Our offerings include both outsourced and in-house infrastructure management solutions.

“We see value in appointing HR Computek for their business consulting skills and their government focus,” says Arjen Wiersma, country manager of BMC Software. “As BSM goes mainstream, organisations in both the public and private sectors have recognised the need to align the management of their IT infrastructure with their business objectives. We believe that HR Computek is well-placed to make this a reality in the government sector.”

HR Computek will be providing a range of enterprise service management solutions including transaction management, identity management, service management for large organisations and midsize businesses, change and configuration management, service impact management and virtualisation products.

HR Computek will also be offering distributed service management products such as database management, BMC Performance Manager, enterprise application management and enterprise performance assurance.

“BSM is becoming critical to government IT departments, and the BMC products we have taken on strategically complement our other offerings,” says Donly. “When we say we offer ‘end-to-end’ ICT services, we mean ‘end-to-end’ – everything from installing networking cables to providing predictive analytics and business intelligence.”

HR Computek has embarked on a vigorous BMC certification programme. “We already have extensive skills in IT Service Management (ITSM) but we are sending staff to BMC’s EMEA Headquarters in Amsterdam for BMC-specific training.” says Donly. “There are tremendous opportunities for service providers to ensure government utilises ICT as a true business enabler.  We know our services and product solutions enable our clients in government to focus on their core business of delivering services.”