Intelleca, South Africa's leading provider of speech, self-service and contact centre on demand solutions, has consolidated its interest in inContact Centre Solutions, a specialist provider of contact centre solutions and skills, and local VAR of Alcatel company Genesys. 

The consolidation sees the two businesses combine their specialist staff, client base, vendor partnerships and other assets under the Intelleca umbrella.
The resulting company is one of the national leaders in the customer interaction management space. It uniquely positions Intelleca to provide an end-to-end range of offerings for both high-end and mid-sized contact centres and across all sectors of the market.
The consolidated company brings to market the world’s leading customer interaction technologies together with a depth of skill and experience that is unmatched today.
"We identified natural synergies with inContact since the formation of the company," says Michael Renzon, CEO of Intelleca. "inContact has invested heavily in developing an unprecedented depth of skill and knowledge in the core technologies that manage complex customer interactions in large-scale Contact Centres. Similarly, Intelleca has invested heavily over the years in telco-grade speech and self-service solutions required by large organization particularly in the financial, travel, healthcare, and Telco sectors."
Peter Flanagan, CEO of inContact, says: "In working with Intelleca over the last year, we have come to appreciate the company's ability to innovate, its depth of skills, intellectual property, customer obsession, infrastructure and track record of success. This consolidation accelerates the strategies of both companies simultaneously answering to the market’s need for an organisation that is 100% focused on and capable of addressing the broader contact centre requirements."
The first phase of the Call Centre evolution focused on the economics of bringing together all customer communications into a central point in the organisation and was largely a technologically driven exercise. A recent global survey has shown though that there is broad customer dissatisfaction with their experience of contact centres.
“The only way to address these issues in a meaningful way is with multi-disciplinary highly skilled and experienced teams that address each aspect of the solution in a holistic manner combined with a substantial investment in IP to address local market conditions. The merged Intelleca brings the largest complement of these skills and locally developed IP to market.”
"We expect this merger to more than double our growth in the next two years as we open and maximise new opportunities." says Renzon.
In the last six years, Intelleca has built up an unmatched track record of delivery in the domain of speech technology, bringing self-service, speaker verification, and text-to-speech offerings to market for clients such as Standard Bank, FNB, MTN Banking, Telkom, Discovery, SAA, ACSA, iTalk, Vodacom and Multichoice.
inContact has successfully established itself as the alternative provider of Genesys and core interaction management solutions in the high-end of the South African market. This has been critical for the local market, as demand for Genesys skills and experience has exceeded supply, and inContact has developed the deepest and broadest pool of Genesys skills in Africa.
"All indications are that the customer interaction and contact centre market locally is in a new phase of growth," Renzon concludes. "With this in mind, we believe we have merged at the right time to maximise the opportunity before us; and to drive ongoing value for our clients."