In a classic turn-up for the books, a malware writer has been churning out code that turns out to be infected by a virus. 

Pedro Bueno, writing on the McAfee Avert Labs blog, suggests that malware writers invest in good anti-virus protection – because they're not immune.
"There is no honor among malware writers and we know that," Bueno writes.
"I was looking at a file downloaded by what was looking like a common PWS-Banker.dldr (a downloader for Password Stealer Bankers). While doing some analysis on the file, another virus detection came out: W32/Gael.worm.a. This one is a parasitc virus. This made it a bit more suspicious because it is not common to see a PWS-Banker downloader downloading a parasitics virus (really different skills).
"So I attempted to clean it to try to make things a bit more clear. I cleaned the file and, bingo!, another file came out, detected as PWS-Banker.gen.q. Which means that the malware created or bought by the malware writer was infected or he got infected before posting the file on the site to be downloaded."