Pinnacle Micro has introduced the HV10 camcorder, an ultra compact unit that benefits from Canon HD CMOS imaging.

"Canon's CMOS, initially developed for Canon's range of professional EOS D-SLR cameras, has been transferred to video," says Cobus Erasmus, Canon brand manager at Pinnacle Micro.
The HV-10's 2.96MP Canon HD CMOS video sensor allows capture of HDV1080i footage with true 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, for clear, sharp images. Standard DV recording is also possible. Building professional quality HDV1080i into an upright body, the HV10 reshapes HDV, bringing the highest resolution handheld video into the home.
Erasmus says that the increased resolution of HD highlights focussing errors and that Canon's new Instant AF is an innovative hybrid AF system that results in quick and accurate auto focus.
"Further assisting the capture of clear images, Canon's aspherical lens elements and Super Spectra coating eliminates visual imperfections," he says. "A new Super Range Optical Image Stabiliser counteracts unwanted vibration across the frequency range."
The HV10 integrates digital photography functions into a compact frame, including a one-push histogram display to monitor brightness levels. Up to four 3MP photos per second can be stored on a Mini SD card and users can even capture 2MP screen shots straight from a movie, either during recording or playback.
HDV is a widescreen format and the HV10 has been optimised for 16:9 recording. A high-resolution 2.7-inch LCD and widescreen colour EVF displays footage exactly as it is recorded, with a level marker on the LCD making it easier to line up the shot.
"The AV input function enables analogue to digital conversion which means users can archive their older home movies to digital tape for safekeeping," says Erasmus. "Digital photography can also be transferred to PC or printed out directly using PictBridge and footage can be sent to and from a computer for editing via Firewire."