Dell has moved quickly to clarify statements on its IdeaStorm website around Linux which it says have been misinterpreted.

In a nutshell, Dell says it is nowhere near pre-installing Linux on a select range of PCs, notebooks and workstations.
The confusion arose when Dell posted a note on IdeaStorm saying it was "listening to its customers" and certifying three of its corporate hardware lines — OptiPlex desktops, Latitude notebooks and Dell Precision workstations — for use with Novell Suse Linux.
This was misinterpreted as meaning that the company would pre-install Linux on these machines.
In a statement today, Dell says it is not even close to installing the OS into any of its product ranges and that certifying the hardware for being ready to work with Novell SUSE Linux, was not the same thing.
A company spokesman says, though, that it is listening to its Linux customers and already offers factory-installed Linux on some specific Dell Precision workstations for high-end corporate users, but is not currently installing the OS on its other laptop or desktop machines.
While not ruling out the option of expanding the pre-installation program at a future date there are no plans to do so yet, the spokesman says.