The OLAP Survey 6, a leading independent survey of the business intelligence (BI) software market, has recognised MicroStrategy as the top product for BI standardisation. For the second consecutive year, MicroStrategy's software was the top BI product selected by customers asked to choose one product for BI standardisation.

The OLAP Survey 6, conducted annually by independent analyst Nigel Pendse, asked BI customers using more than one product to select the product on which they would choose to standardise if forced to pick one, and to explain why. MicroStrategy was cited as the top product on which to standardise, with 92,4% of the respondents indicating they would select MicroStrategy as their enterprise BI standard.

BI products that are typically good candidates for standardisation must be easy to use, suitable for a broad array of BI applications, and provide a wide range of BI functionality. When asked why they selected MicroStrategy, respondents cited product features, its ability to support large numbers of concurrent users, web deployability, and multi-platform support.

The peer group comparison of preferred products to retain when standardising gave MicroStrategy a 92% ranking.

“The rising tendency of Survey participants with multiple BI products to continue to rank MicroStrategy as the top product to keep in a standardisation exercise, is a reflection of MicroStrategy’s widening range of capabilities and suitability for BI standardisation,” says Nigel Pendse, author of The OLAP Survey 6. “Large vendors that have consistently failed to deliver are seemingly being repaid with declining loyalty from their customers.”

Sanju Bansal, COO of MicroStrategy, adds: “The preference by customers to standardise on MicroStrategy is indicative of MicroStrategy’s highly scalable and efficient architecture, which is well-suited for enterprise-wide business intelligence deployments."

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