Pinnacle Micro has announced the availability of new quad-core Intel Xeon 5300 processors to the Supermicro range of dual-processor (DP) server solutions.

Francois Lottering, Proline brand manager at Pinnacle Micro, says that Supermicro supports new quad-core Xeon processors on more than 60 of its server boards and systems.

"The extensive portfolio of quad-core product offerings enables customers to achieve differentiation by selecting the Server Building Block Solutions most tailored to their specific applications," he says.

Accelerated quad-core performance enhances the many feature advantages of Supermicro's high-performance servers. Supermicro Server Building Blocks provide extreme flexibility and application optimisation.

Pinnacle Micro will also offer a selection of advanced SAS-optimised storage solutions with RAID5 and SESII. All of the new SuperServers feature earth-friendly, high-efficiency (85 percent or better under typical loading) power supplies to maximise performance-per-watt savings and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Lottering says that quad-core allows the unique advantages of Supermicro's application optimised products to become even more apparent.

"For example, Supermicro's ultra dense 2U-in-1U server with quad cores, and multiple I/O connectivity increases computational and I/O capacity which allows users to run virtualisation applications without performance limitations."

The company also offers a range of DP server solutions that provide users with the flexibility to choose between dense 1U or mini-1U servers, 3U storage servers, or highly scalable and reliable 4U/tower servers.

"These platforms are all optimised for the new quad-core Intel Xeon processor 5300 series to provide unprecedented levels of performance," says Lottering.