Nearly two years ago, AMD senior vice-president Henri Richard announced a South African office would be established and suitably staffed to cater for this "exciting" emerging market. Yesterday, Kirsty Watermeyer, the sole representative of AMD in this country left to join an advertising firm. 

AMD now has no official presence in South Africa apart from its four distributors.
And this is about to change too.
Reliable sources reveal that two of the four – Asbis Africa, Legend, Rectron and Sahara – are about to be discarded.
At the time of going to press, the new head of the region, Gautam Srivastava was unavailable for comment.
Channel partners say they are not too surprised at the recent developments.
"We never understood what they were doing [locally] anyway," says one. "They never had any pull or sway with anyone. Nothing ever happened."
In an interview after AMD's ATI acquisition in Computing SA, Gaith Kadir, then regional vice-president for MEA, famously said that "it almost seems as if our competitor is running around like a headless chicken …"
Seems the same can now be said about AMD. Certainly in South Africa.