Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has signed a distribution agreement with TCL, a Chinese manufacturer of monitors and TVs with a global reputation for excellence, to bring its 17-inch LCD monitors into the local market. Targeted at SME and SoHo buyers with lower budgets, the monitors will be fully supported by DCC and its resellers.

Says Bruce Byrne, communications specialist at DCC: "As technologies advance and commoditise, organisations shopping for inexpensive, entry-level equipment are loathe to pay higher prices. LCD monitors are a case in point.
"We thus searched the international market to find a suitable product that also met our stringent quality and reliability specifications and would complement our existing range of Philips monitors. TCL's H782D 17-inch LCD monitors fit our criteria, were thoroughly tested and are now available at a price point that suits this market segment."
Resellers will find the monitor particularly appealing. "Resellers typically put customised packages together for their clients in the corporate, SME and SoHo segments," explains Byrne. "The availability of the lower cost TCL monitor will enable them to build quality solutions at a lower cost, stretching their clients' budgets while ensuring business and functional requirements are met."
With many years' experience in the technology distribution field DCC knows how important it is to ensure new products are fully supported. "A chief criterion was to ensure that the monitors had the necessary support, backup and spares, and that we could speedily meet warrantees. MTC, which acts as the service component for DCC's Philips and Epson ranges, will also deliver support and maintenance services for the TCL products. MTC has branches in all major centres around the country, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban."
TCL is the largest manufacturer of TVs globally. With a strict quality management system in place, its products are world class, are supported by sustainable operations and a global network of suppliers in more than 50 countries around the world. In addition, TCL applies advanced technologies in its factories, producing environmentally friendly Green Products in accordance with the European ROHS Standard.
Concludes Byrne: "We will follow the introduction of the more popular 17-inch monitors with the availability of TCL's 19- and 20-inch monitors in the near future."