If users were expecting a quick reaction from other ISPs to Sentech's dramatic price cuts this week, they would have been disappointed. 

So far the only company to make a significant announcement about changes to its Internet offerings is iBurst, which has added bandwidth to existing bundles, although without reducing prices.
Other ISPs have not reacted at all, so far.
Sentech's reasoning behind its aggressive pricing was the dramatically lower cost at which it is now able to acquire international bandwidth, allowing it to pass savings on to its customers.
Yesterday, iBurst announced a "data bonus", whereby customers on its entry-level bundles will receive an additional 200Mb of data per month, with higher-end bundles receiving an existing 500Mb. The data bonus applies to users with 24-month contracts.
The company statement points out that the additional data allocations translate into a 49% reduction in the per-Mbprice on the entry-level bundles, with an inbubdle per-Mb rate of 39 cents  on a 1Gb package and 12c on a 9Gb package.
The new bundles range from iGo Lite, now with 410Mb of data, at R299.00 per month and G9, with 9Gb of data, at R1 099.00 per month.
iBurst customers will also be allowed to carry over unused data into the following month.