Futuristic movies often show the computer display as an interactive 3-D experience in an attempt to place the scene far into the future. And now the technology to achieve these effects is available. 

IO2 Technology has released a product that projects a 2-D mid-air display with up to 1024 x 1240 resolution that appears to be 3-D.
In addition, the Heliodisplay is interactive, allowing a finger or hand to move images around in the air.
The Heliodisplay is about the size of a large computer tower turned on its size, and can be hidden in furniture such as cofee tables of sideboards.
To operate, the Heliodisplay requires a power outlet, and a computer, TV, DVD or alternate video source.
The images are easily viewed in an office environment; they work best in darkened conditions and are almost invisible in sunlight.
Images can be seen up to 75 degrees off aspect for a total viewing area of over 150 degrees – similar to an LCD screen. Viewing requires no special glasses or background/foreground screening.
With the interactive version of the Heliodisplay, a hand or finger can act as a mouse of cursor for interactive control.
The display is projected on to a fine mist of particles, but IO2 Technology is not divulging their composition.