Junk Mail’s website is sporting a whole new look after a major revamp and, with new functionality aimed at enhancing the user’s online experience, the new site is faster, more intuitive and easier to use.

According to Junk Mail Publishing’s MD, Felix Erken, the enhancements to the site are simple but cutting edge when compared with current web trends for classifieds; and facilitate the use of mobile and digital technology which meet consumer expectations of online functionality and provide for value-added convenience.

One of the key enhancements to be effected is the ability to upload pictures online for free, which Erken says significantly increases the user’s likelihood of selling.

“As the old adage goes, a picture says 1 000 words and with the type of technology we have at our fingertips nowadays, users expect to be able to view a product or item that is for sale online from the comfort of their own home or office.

“Five years ago, providing this kind of functionality wasn’t necessary because not many people had access to a digital camera. Today, more people have digital cameras and cameras on their mobile phones so taking a picture and uploading it on the web is simple and convenient,” says Erken.

Another major change to the Junk Mail website is that visitors no longer have to subscribe in order to enter the site and non-subscribers are now able to preview adverts for free. Those who do subscribe are given access to all the publications in the Junk Mail stable.

“We have also introduced an online billing option that allows users to subscribe and make their payments using their mobile phones. Up to now, users needed to have a credit card in order to complete their subscription online or they had to subscribe the old fashioned way and phone-in.

“This mobile billing option not only simplifies the subscription process but it also provides those who don’t have a credit card with the opportunity to subscribe and make use of the Junk Mail website,” explains Erken.

Erken adds that the new website also offers live-ads, allowing users to update their adverts immediately online.

“There are no more delays. Updates are effected immediately online, which is a major bonus for users and also ensures that content is relevant and fresh,” comments Erken.

He points out that the revamp not only improves the online experience for Junk Mail’s existing users but also makes using the site more appealing to a wider audience.

“The response to the new site has been astounding. For the first time ever, we maxed-out our line with over 1 000 visitors at once, which is the maximum number of users that can use the site concurrently,” says Erken, adding that traffic on the site has increased by 45% each year since its launch, despite being a totally paid model.

“Junk Mail places enormous emphasis on staying abreast of new trends and technological advancements. We recognise that the internet is going to continue to evolve and we are up to the challenge to evolving along with it. The website revamp demonstrates our commitment to innovation and to continually improving the customer experience.”