Faritec scooped no less than seven awards at the IBM Business Partner Awards banquet in February 2007, including the coveted Business Partner of the Year Award for the second consecutive year.

The additional six categories in which Faritec received well-earned recognition for its consistent growth and commitment to high-calibre skills are:

* Top South African P Series Award;

* Top South African Storage Award;

* Top South African Lotus Award;

*  Top South African Data Award;

* Top South African Software Award; and

* Top Software Services Award.

Allan Timm, group sales director at Faritec, says: “These achievements are an overwhelming endorsement of Faritec’s strong growth across the spectrum of IBM’s offering in hardware, software and services. The entire Faritec team deserves congratulations on a great effort.”

The awards are presented to those IBM South Africa partners which have shown significant progress in delivering solutions and services based on IBM’s product portfolio. They also recognise partners which have made inroads into new markets and developed new business opportunities.

Faritec’s recognition at the 2006 Awards ceremony follows a year in which it announced and consolidated two major acquisitions: Enterprise Connection and Lechabile Storage Solutions, doubling its size and creating one of the largest black-empowered technology solutions providers on the JSE.

“We have a clear dedication to both the brand and the solutions that IBM offers locally. Coupled with this is our in-depth market knowledge, our diverse skills base and our understanding of the corporate enterprise and SME solutions space. The combination of these factors means that Faritec has a clear ability to deliver IBM-based solutions that meet customers’ specific needs,” Timm says.

Faritec supports the IBM pSeries Unix platform, xSeries servers, IBM storage and the WebSphere software suite. The company has a large certified IBM skills base and is able to architect, configure, deploy and provide post-sales and service support around these products.

Stelio Frasco, the channel executive at IBM, says that IBM has stringent criteria by which it evaluates its business partners and rewards them. “We look for the strength of commitment to our business, performance against targets and levels of customer satisfaction, among other things. Needless to say, Faritec fulfilled these criteria and as a result garnered several valuable awards.”