Nology, a distributing agent of broadband and networking products, is delivering the AirLive range of networking products to the local market. This move will provide resellers with accessibility to a high quality yet reasonably priced range of networking products, offering end users a wider choice.

Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology, says: "The addition of the AirLive product offering complements our existing Billion range that meets the needs of the wide area network (WAN) market. AirLive's offering, which has strong focus on wireless technology, will supply the local area network (LAN) market with an extensive range of products."
The AirLive offering comprises Ethernet switches; wireless indoor/outdoor LAN products; broadband; Bluetooth; multimedia and storage; security; network adapters; homeplug powerline; Voice over IP; and media converter products.
Nology will also be launching indoor and outdoor wireless products for home users, as well as products  for service providers that will find our hotspot gateway and billing system most useful. A seven-mode wireless access point, an all-in-one outdoor wireless device and a wireless video projector presenter are a few of the products that will form part of our 2007 line up.
These products are designed to allow resellers to tap into new markets. The product offering will create opportunities to penetrate service providers, the retail market, SoHos and SMEs.
In addition, Nology will be launching AirLive's iCafe solutions specifically developed for Internet Café's, catering to their specific requirements that differ to those of Hotspots.
"Quality is one of our core values and the AirLive products go through stringent testing," says Leuschner. "Most manufacturers employ the standard quality control practice of testing only a small percentage of finished products. Almost every AirLive product is tested in the simulated end user environment with additional 'burn' tests. This will provide our distributor, Drive Control Corporation, and their resellers with a distinct advantage."
Training is another important component of Nology's business and the company is providing resellers with a product directory that includes easy-to-understand installation instructions and support advice. This is supported by assistance via the Web and Nology's technical call centre. Nology will, in addition, be providing DCC with extensive training so the distributor can offer first line support to its resellers.