Sony Corporation has acquired the LTO Ultrium4 tape cartridge format license from the LTO TPC (Technology Provider Companies), a technology consortium comprised of HP, IBM and Quantum.

Sony has also submitted LTO Ultrium4 tape cartridge samples to MAC (Measurement Analysis Corporation) for Media Compliance Testing and plans to introduce LTO Ultrium4 tape cartridges immediately after this is successfully concluded.

Sony’s high-reliability LTO Ultrium1, 2 and 3 tape cartridges are being used in a variety of fields worldwide, including the insurance, broadcast, banking, and healthcare industries.

“Sony succeeded in developing the highly reliable LTO Ultrium4 tape cartridge by utilising newly developed ultra-thin magnetic particles and a high thermal stability binder, combining Sony’s unique cutting-edge dispersing technology, thin-layer coating technology and a surface smoothing process.” says Takahiro Miyazaki, senior general manager of the Tape Media Division at Sony Corporation.

Through integration of its research, development, and production technology, Sony is aiming for the first commercialisation of LTO Ultrium4 tape cartridges.

The products will be available in South Africa through Sony (