Sony has teamed up with national IT solutions and technology services company Lightedge, to distribute its state-of-the-art range of VAIO notebook computers.

“This agreement ties in perfectly with Lightedge’s strategy to strengthen our corporate division by adding quality hardware fulfillment to our corporate consultancy and services offering. The introduction of the influential Sony brand will greatly enhance our enterprise value proposition,” says David Musikanth, marketing director at Lightedge.
For Sony, this deal represents an opportunity to target the lucrative corporate space. While its innovative, high-quality products have cultivated a strong following among professional users of technology, the local business market remains an untapped resource for Sony.
“We’ve considered expanding our distribution for a while, based on our past success. When we met with Lightedge this year, its new premises, good local footprint and expertise in both the management, consultancy and technical divisions gave us the confidence that their strengths would compliment Sony’s“, says Gordon Lennox, VAIO product manager at Sony.
Lightedge’s model differs from that of the existing Sony VAIO distributor, which uses a more traditional hardware model, in that Lightedge uses a consultancy-led approach to determine the hardware needs of its clients. The consultancy model enables Lightedge to partner with both large and small businesses for the long term.
In Lennox’s opinion, the business-models used by each of these companies are diverse in their strategy, ensuring that there is a market for both in Southern Africa.
The four-model VAIO range consists of light, strong notebooks in magnesium alloy or carbon fiber casings, with an ultra-low voltage processor enhancing the battery life of up to nine hours on the flagship-model notebook. Its Clear Bright LCD technology further reduces glare and enhances image clarity to increase productivity.
Other features on selected models include built-in webcams, a hard disk drive with drop protection, a superior biometric security system, a hybrid graphic system to switch between internal and external chips when running intense graphic applications such as CAD, as well as dual back-light technology providing more realistic colour matching for graphic professionals.
“Lightedge constantly sources the best products for our clients. Sony’s VAIO notebooks are innovative and fashionable products, offering customers style, value and quality. This concept ties in with the value offering from our own Emerald computers. Combined with their excellent service levels, we are confident that this partnership will deliver to our clients’ expectations,” says Musikanth.