With the rand sliding to a four-month low of R7.52 to the dollar this morning – and expected to fall to around R7.68 during the course of the week – local IT suppliers have warned consumers to brace themselves for price rises of around 8%. 

Tarsus Technologies' Jamie Scott says that users can expect prices to rise in the short-term.
Normally, he adds, small changes in the exchange rate are compensated for by the fact that technology gets less expensive all the time.
However, with the rand having moved from R7,04 last Friday to R7,52 today – and expected to slip further – distributors won't be able to absorb the excess this time around and resellers can expect higher prices within days.
However, Scott points out the distributors are able to stagger the price rises by virtue of their stock-holdings.
"The resellers are lucky the distributors sit in the middle and smooth the price increases for them."

Rectron CEO Mark Lu says that the distributor takes a more cautious view of currency fluctuations.
"Of course, the drop of the rand is going to have an affect," he says, "but not immediately. As an experienced operator in this market, we will hold the majority of our prices for the next 48 hours.
"Financial markets have a pretty simple philosophy – a wave goes up; a wave comes down.
"We won't just jump the gun and adjust selling prices straight away," Lu adds. "We'll give it 48 hours in order to digest the latest movements."