JSE-listed IT services and solutions company Faritec is entrenching its position in South Africa's public sector.

John Brooks, Hansen service delivery executive at Faritec, says: "By making government our sole niche market, the Faritec Service Delivery team has developed a superior understanding of government agencies' challenges and requirements. We are able to customise our public sector management solution to fit each organisation's unique needs. We also work with the customer until employees accept ownership for the system and are able to run with it independently."
Faritec has already achieved substantial success with Johannesburg Water and the Johannesburg Roads Agency. In addition, the company is currently engaged on a project with the Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works.
Brooks says this success is attributable to Faritec's in-depth skills and experience in the public sector field, as well as its exclusive local partnership with Hansen, the world leader in public sector management solutions.
For example, Faritec has created a solution to draw together the workflows of Johannesburg Water's customer services and technical departments, providing automated work orders with fully allocated resources to the various depots. The system has also been integrated with Johannesburg Water's billing solution,  providing call agents with a consolidated view of operations and allowing them to manage both technical and billing-related enquiries.
Furthermore, Faritec fulfilled the Johannesburg Roads Agency's need for an integrated work management solution. Integration between planning and billing allowed the agency to both cost and bill its road works for public and private usage, while the solution's ability to group projects in a capex environment allows single work orders such as re-tarring, barriers, line painting and traffic lights to be assigned to one overarching project. At a higher level, an executive dashboard provides
users with a bird's eye view of operations, with key performance indicators customised to specific user needs.
"The foundations of our customised public sector solutions are laid around a comprehensive asset management solution," Brooks says. "For example, the system can identify every asset within a municipality's water reticulation system (from reservoirs and pipes right down to switches and meters), and track each of these through their entire asset life cycle. This delivers significant cost savings while simultaneously generating additional revenue."
On top of this are support modules – such as asset valuation, permits and licences, works management inventory control and billing – which operate in workflows and integrate seamlessly with existing systems such as financials and GIS systems. At the upper-most level, an executive dashboard provides all workers, from top management to depot clerks, with a customised view of the operations and key performance indicators that are relevant to them.
"We have the ability to delivery a number of critical benefits to any public sector organisation. These include integration, clean data, flexibility, ubiquity and scalability," Brooks says. "With full integration between modules, the costly experience of developing and maintaining interfaces between varying systems is eliminated."