Oracle has announced the availability of seven new Management Plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g developed by BEZ Systems, Blue Lane, Citrix Systems, Egenera, Nortel, Onaro and Pillar Data Systems.

These plug-ins extend the capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g to help customers monitor and manage Oracle and non-Oracle applications as well as infrastructure software and systems more efficiently through a single, integrated management solution.
Introduced in October 2005, the Oracle Enterprise Manager Partner offering provides an  opportunity for partners to work closely with Oracle to provide enhanced solutions that increase the value of Oracle’s management solution.  To date, Oracle and its partners have delivered 24 plug-ins to extend the management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g.
With greater insight into the performance of third-party products, Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g offers users an integrated Web-based solution to improve application and system availability and performance while helping to reduce the cost and complexity of systems management.  Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g delivers administration, monitoring, and active management capabilities for Oracle and non-Oracle applications as well as infrastructure components including databases, middleware, host/operating systems and network and storage devices.
“We have worked together closely with our partners to develop a broad range of effective and easy-to-use management solutions for our joint customers,” says Richard Sarwal, senior vice-president: systems management products at Oracle.  “We’re committed to continuing to foster relationships with industry leaders to improve the monitoring and management of our customers’ IT systems.”
Available through the partners are new plug-ins that enable Oracle Enterprise Manager to feature diagnostic and management capabilities for:
* BEZ BEZProphet – plug-in enables enterprise grid operators and administrators to perform predictive performance management directly from the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control;
* Blue Lane PatchPoint Manager – plug-in provides joint customers an integrated tool for monitoring application and server vulnerabilities as
well as security patch coverage;
* Citrix Presentation Server – plug-in enables users to monitor the health of Citrix Presentation Server installations from within Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g;
* Egenera BladeFrame System – plug-in integrates with Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g to simplify the management of Oracle infrastructure software running on * * Egenera hardware through a seamless, single point of management control;
* Nortel Application Switch – plug-in monitors Nortel Application Switches, simplifying network management for joint customers;
* Onaro SANScreen – plug-in provides a heterogeneous, service-centric view of storage from within Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g; and
* Pillar Data Systems Axiom – plug-in allows administrators to monitor one or more instances of the Pillar Axiom 500 system for storage management from within Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g.