Popular local coffee chain, Seattle Coffee Company, has selected ProCurve Networking by HP to deploy wireless access points at its stores located across South Africa.

With stores located predominantly in business districts and shopping malls, Seattle Coffee Company looked for ways to attract business customers and encourage them to stay in stores longer.

In the first eight months of the availability of wireless connectivity, Seattle Coffee Company customers have logged a total of 190,000 minutes. The popularity of the service is also gaining momentum, with a reported growth rate of 25% month on month.

“We are looking for people to drink coffee and we want them to drink more than one cup at a sitting,” says Barry Parker, director of Seattle Coffee Company.

To achieve this, Seattle Coffee Company created separate spaces with comfortable seating where customers are provided with wireless access points for their notebooks.

Seattle Coffee Company required reliable hardware that could be deployed without the company having to worry about the wireless network. ProCurve Networking by HP installed ProCurve 420 Wireless Access Points, which area ideally suited for medium to large wireless local area network (WLAN) deployments.

“We chose ProCurve Networking by HP because we needed high levels of reliability. I can train my guys to make coffee but not to fix computers,” adds Parker.

The single-radio access points offer a cost-effective means to deploy an 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network and also implement the latest security based on industry standards.

According to Lorna Hardie, business unit manager for ProCurve Networking by HP in South Africa, ProCurve’s Wireless Access Points have provided the reliability the customer required.

“The deployment of a wireless network supports Seattle Coffee Company’s business objectives of attracting more customers and having them stay in stores longer.”

Parker adds: “We offer good value for money by using the most affordable broadband providers, as well as international roaming, so the service has been a great success. A lot more coffee is being drunk, as the average Wi-Fi session lasts for 67 minutes."