SMC Networks has announced the shipment of SMC’s newest Gigabit workgroup switch, the 28-port TigerSwitch 1000 (SMC8728L2).
The solution features two 10G uplinks for future upgrade options and is designed to convert common unmanaged data networks into intelligent, multimedia-rich converged Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructures.

The TigerSwitch 1000 (SMC8728L2) provides 24 RJ-45 plus four SFP ports in an efficient single chip switching solution and is the newest in SMC’s family of efficient, high-performance Gigabit switches. The technology used to build the SMC8728L2 TigerSwitch 1000 allows it to operate 28 channels simultaneously, while maintaining full Gigabit wire speed performance on each channel.

“This latest 28-port TigerSwitch 1000 Managed Gigabit switch joins the 48-port TigerSwitch 1000 introduced last year, bringing the level of price/performance that will allow the upgrade of unmanaged data networks into intelligent, multimedia-rich converged infrastructure,” said SMC Product Manager, Iain Kenney.

Not only will the increased functionality offered by both the 28- and 48-port TigerSwitch 1000 (SMC8728L2 and SMC8748L2) switches push networks to the next level of performance, they will also slash operating costs.

Whereas many networks today are unable to distinguish between voice, video and data Internet Protocol (IP) traffic – necessitating separate, dedicated data and voice networks – the technology built into the new TigerSwitch 1000 family of switches has the intelligence to dynamically recognise these services, thereby enabling their convergence onto a single, reliable and efficient multimedia-aware infrastructure.

The TigerSwitch 1000 family is expected to be a catalyst for, amongst other advances, the rapid acceleration in replacing business Private Branch Exchange with IP telephones.

With the increasing need for high-traffic environments, TigerSwitch 1000 switches provide Gigabit switching at full wire speed. Increased security is one of the many advanced features of the SMC8728L2 and the SMC8748L2 switches, with ACLs and 802.1x for secure network access and SSH, SSL/HTTPS for secure management enabled by RADIUS and TACACS+. Flexible Layer 2/3/4 traffic prioritisation and rate-limitation ensure Quality-of-Service across the network, whilst network segmentation is provided by port and tag-based VLANs.

The TigerSwitch 1000, in both the 48-port and the new 28-port versions, also brings a comprehensive Layer 2 management feature set, including Spanning Tree, VLANs and link aggregation (LACP) which also supports trunking the 10G ports. Built for robust workgroup and backbone switching, the SMC8748L2 and SMC8728L2 fully allow for future feature-packed upgrades.

“These high-performance switches pack the power of 10G capability, so they can excel in the most demanding networks now and into the future,” adds Kenney. “The 10/100/1000 Mbs built-in copper connectivity, with fiber-optional ports that don’t cut into copper density and ten Gigabit uplinks, is extremely flexible and adaptable, which added to the many other advanced features make the switches perfect for the most demanding Enterprise and workgroup environments.”

The new TigerSwitch 1000 28-port switch (SMC8728L2) and the TigerSwitch 1000 48-port switch (SMC8748L2), both with optional uplinks and redundant power supplies, are available now.

Paul Luff, country manager at SMC Networks South Africa, describes the offering as an exciting breakthrough in managed network solutions and one that will certainly add value to local users.

“There is no doubt about the intrinsic value of this SMC product set. It addresses the demand for an increase in performance without incurring additional cost, and promotes more effective management of gigabit networking infrastructure and related output,” says Luff.