Sahara Computers has launched its its Sahara 11-inch Stylebook – a compact, lightweight (1,52kg) notebook that combines technical efficiency with aesthetic quality.

The device is ultra-portable and is ideal value for the mobile professional, presented in a magnesium alloy all-white casing which houses Windows XP Professional software.

It runs off Intel Centrino Mobile Technology with a 1,06Ghz Core Solo ultra-low voltage processor which enables high performance and extended battery life.

The 11-inch Stylebook also features an 80Gb hard drive with 512Mb DDR RAM to support an upgrade to dual-core capability and incorporate a four-in-one media card reader with one Express Type II slot.

“This means the product offers the benefit of sufficient memory as well as a hard drive that can support large files, offer high speed data transfer, as well as download and store material. It is a practical extension of the mobile professional set up with additional media slots that allow the user to plug in peripherals and leverage off the functionality,” adds Naidoo.

Each Stylebook includes a 32-bit high definition audio controller, on-board stereo speakers, DVD writer and a built-in microphone.

“These elements ensure that the user enjoys a powerful multi-media digital experience with clear, sharp images and sound,” adds Naidoo.

To round off the offering, the Sahara Stylebook with 11-inch screen includes the ‘one-touch entertainment’ feature. This is a media player quick key button that instantly opens the media player.

“A ‘latchless’ cover design provides simple and easy unhindered access to the notebook, and contributes to the smooth, flowing look of the product. This is reinforced by the inclusion of the hidden touchpad, a discreet feature that serves to promote the crisp, clean overall look of the Stylebook,” Naidoo says.

The Sahara Stylebook also features a six-cell battery and Intel® 945GM Express chipset that offers a battery lifespan per charge of up to six hours.

“A notebook is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ digital device to be used under special circumstances or only if and when time, space and resources allows. It is with this in mind that Sahara started researching the market and has strategically launched the Sahara Stylebook as a fresh solution to mobile computing,” he says.