The market for global enterprise wide area network (WAN) services continues to record strong growth, particularly as a result of multinational companies expanding their international presence.  This is the finding of recent research conducted by global growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan.

“Globalisation trends are spurring growth among global enterprise WAN services as multinational corporations are expanding their operations to additional countries and regions, driving the need for additional telecommunications connectivity between sites,” notes Frost & Sullivan Senior Analyst Maria Zeppetella. “Global enterprise WAN services link these growing firms with data, voice and video connectivity, while managing their networks and delivering business applications and other value-added services.”
This trend, as well as the desire to converge data, voice and video networks onto an MPLS -enabled network will drive the adoption of MPLS-IP VPN and virtual private LAN service (VPLS)-based Ethernet. Steady migration from legacy services such as ATM, FR and international private line to newer technologies will also continue as enterprises seek more bandwidth, convergence, better management and increasing value-added services for their enterprise WAN expenditures.