Foxconn, a global manufacturer of IT motherboards, graphic cards, optical storage devices, workstations and server infrastructure, has embarked on a national campaign to extend its local reach.

Representatives suggest the efficiency of distribution partners, such as Sahara Computers, will directly influence the success of its strategy.

The global technology supplier is bullish about the plan it has in place to bolster its presence within the South African market and expand the reach of its brand.

This positive sentiment has been fuelled by statistics released recently by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) under Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, which reports that Foxconn obtained the most number of patents in Taiwan in 2006.

The strategy that is already being initiated within the South African market takes into careful consideration the role of distributors.

“Distributors of Foxconn products offer a number of registered patents. They demonstrate commitment to Foxconn by providing innovation solutions and making sure all products perform at optimum levels. This protects the investment of the distributor and, in turn, makes business more stable and profitable in the channel,” says Vadim Lisenko, marketing executive, Foxconn-EMEA.

Foxconn has an established long-term partnership with Sahara Computers. The alliance is based on the regular supply of processor and component infrastructure to meet a high demand from the local market.

“The local distribution channel will provide a sound platform through which Foxconn can reinforce its brand in South Africa. As a distribution partner Sahara Computers looks forward to assisting the company to raise its profile. We are committed to the company’s strategy to ensure all channel participants are presented with solutions based on regional trends and local specific requirements,” comments Gary Naidoo, deputy MD at Sahara Computers.

The objective is to ensure regular distribution to South African regions in accordance with a monthly schedule.

To date Foxconn has arranged a steady supply of motherboards, chassis and coolers to South Africa and also recently launched VGA supply, says Lisenko.

“In the event of a marked increase in demand, the supply schedule is flexible and can be amended to meet market requests. Foxconn has strong manufacturing facilities as well as strong logistics support from the United Arab Emirates, Europe and China. Therefore we can support any channel request with speed and efficiency. We can also arrange our pricing strategy to fit exact market frames in order to ensure consistent supply,” he says.

Lisenko believes this approach, and the participation of distributors, will benefit those operating within the channel as well as end users.

“The long term focus is to create a stable pool of products from customers with real satisfaction and convenience of use of Foxconn components and business for SA distributors. End-users can rest assured that they will be supported by a strong manufacturer operating within a stable distribution channel. Our partnership with Sahara Computers will add impetus to this campaign and we are pleased to have a credible, established and highly experienced distribution partner on board,” he adds.