Executives at the very top of Intel are said to have deleted e-mails relevant to an ongoing AMD anti-trust suit. 

Craig Barrett, chairman; Paul Otellini, CEO; and Sean Maloney, worldwide head of sales & marketing have all appeared on a list of Intel employees who may have deleted the e-mails.
Last week, lawyers from Intel and AMD met with Special Master Vincent Poppiti to discuss the latest issues.
Intel is required to produce documents – literally millions of them – but some of the relevant documents appear to have gone missing.
The microprocessor giant follows a manual document retention procedure bu which employees move e-mails off their PCs on to a hard.
However, some employees – including the company's CEO – failed to follow the procedure.
According to a transcript of the hearing, an AMD representative points to an Intel report which indicates that Otellini did not retain his e-mails because he assumed there was an automatic back-up taking place.
Intel is trying to find duplicates of the the missing e-mails within other employees' mails and will also review a backup made last year. It is deploying an automatic backup system going forward.