Two weeks ago, Pat Gelsinger, former Intel CTO and now senior vice-president and GM, digital enterprise group, declared in London that the company was "in the period of the fastest increase rate of delivering on Moore's Law". Today, Intel backed up his statement by launching its 11th quad-core processor since November.

The Xeon L5320 and Xeon L5310 will be available in quantity on Monday with server products from OEMs such as Dell, HP and Acer expected within months.
The two energy-efficient 50-watt server processors represent a 35% to nearly 60% decrease in power from Intel's existing 80- and 120-watt quad-core server products. They operate at 1.86 GHz and 1.60 GHz respectively, feature 8Mb of on die cache for faster memory data communication, and run on dedicated 1066 MHz front side buses.
While no local prices were yet available, in 1 000 unit quantities, the L5320 is priced at $519 and the L5310 at $455 in the US.
"Intel has really responded to the industry's call to deliver unprecedented breakthroughs for data centre energy efficiency," says Kirk Skaugen, vice-president of the digital enterprise group and GM of the server platform group. "IT managers can get outstanding quad-core Intel Xeon server performance today and at no premium to dual-core products.
"We are thrilled to drive further records in lower power consumption and we won't stop here," Skaugen adds. "Our engineers and architects are passionate about delivering even more power-saving innovations down the road."
The two new processors can be coupled with Intel's existing Bensley server platform and have been designed to be "drop-in" compatible with the existing dual-core and quad-core Xeon processor families.